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  If you are the one who loves to travel and comfort simultaneously. Car rental is a good choice ever. The answer fully The convenience of travel, safety and reach your destination in comfort is sure to get a car from a car rental company leading. You can also modify or cancel your reservation. Online easily and quickly. The car rental reservation is not as difficult as you think. We are booking process for Rental cars Donmueang airport thorough said.



  6 Steps to reserve rental car with Agency of Transportation (AOT)

  Choose pick-up/drop-off date and location you want to book rental car.
  Available car and price rate which fit the criteria you have selected in the previous step will be displayed.
  Choose the car you want.
  Fill in the information of rental car driver.
  Process payment online by filling in your credit card detail (Visa or Master card).
  Reservation Success! Print out or make a copy of the reservation transaction.

** Show the reservation transaction to get the car according to pick-up date and location you have selected. **


Instructions step-by-step and photo description ...

  Search rental car  
• Choose country, city and location you want to pick up car (in case pick-up and drop-off location is the same, please click ‘Return car the same location’)
• Choose pick-up and drop-off date. Identify age of driver, then click “Search”.
   -  If you search from the airport homepage, your search result will be displayed as the following.
   -  If you search from the link above, your search result will be displayed as the following.

Rental cars Donmueang airport

  Select rental car
• System will display details of available cars and total price (calculated based on rental period).
• Select the car you want and make sure the details are correct. Click “Book Now” on the car you want to hire.

Rental cars Donmueang airport

  Read the details of rental car
• Details of your selected car: brand, agency company, average price per day and total price will be shown.
• To confirm, click “Go To Book”.
• To change your selection to another car, click “Back to search Results”  to go back to edit your selection in step 2.

Rental cars Donmueang airport

  Enter the name of driver
• See the details of hiring car (above) and grand total (below). Enter name, e-mail and phone number of the driver,
• then click ”Book Now” to complete the reservation process.

Rental cars Donmueang airport

  Credit card payment
• Go to payment page. Please ensure that name, e-mail, phone number, date and time, and location are correct.
• Select pay by credit card Visa or Master card only. Complete the credit card detail, then click “Book Now” to finish the reservation.

Rental cars Donmueang airport

  Reservation success!
• You will be directed to reservation confirmed page. Your booking has been successfully completed. ^_^

Tips. Please print out or make a copy of your reservation transaction to show when you pick up the car.

*The confirmation e-mail will be delivered to your e-mail you have entered in step 4.*



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