Airport Luggage Storage At Don Mueang Airport


Airport Luggage Storage At Don Mueang Airport


AIRPORTELs luggage storage counter at Don Mueang Airport is located at Terminal 2, 1st floor, gate number 9 and provides a 24 hours service. Read More...

 Special promotion for Airport Luggage Storage at Don Mueang Airport

  • Luggage Storage from 69 THB/luggage/day (normally 100 THB/luggage/day)
  • Luggage Delivery from 199 THB/luggage if you drop before 24.00 and pick up at your destination after 18.00 (normally 350 THB/luggage).



 Book luggage delivery service from Airport to Home/Shopping Malls/Hotels as follows:

  • Booking through our website or walking to our counter service.
  • Bring your passport or ID card to use the service.
  • In case of delivery to hotels please also provide hotel reservation letter to show our staff.



Conditions of Property Deposit

1.The depositary will issue  receipt to the depositor as an evidence of deposit.
     1.1 When duration of deposit is not longer than 24 hours, the charge will be collected at 75 Baht each item.
     1.2 When duration of deposit is longer than 24 hours, the charge will be collected at 38 Baht each item every 12 hours
           (any part of 12 hours will be charged at 38 Baht).
     1.3 Total service charge will be collected upon returning of bag.

2.Duration of deposit is no longer than 4 months. If the property is deposited more than 3 months, the service charge will be collected at 150 Baht for each item every 24 hours. 

3.The depositary will only accept good conditioned property and not accept banknotes and valuable articles, property which requires special care such as, fragile articles must be notified by the depositor to the depository. However, the depositary will not be liable for any damage of the property.

4.The property which was not collected by the depositor within 6 months (180 days) of the first deposit date will become the property of the depositary.

5.The depositary reserves the right to sell or destroy any items or bags which can affect or damage any other items to the property of the depositary.

6.The depositary will return the deposited property to the depositor or his authorized person upon presenting a valid receipt. If the receipt is lost, the depositor or his authorized person must clarify and present the evidences to the satisfaction of the depositary.


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