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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for users of the Airports of Thailand PLC. 
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​Hereinafter referred to as the “website”. We have developed privacy policy as follows:

Thank you for visiting official website of Airport of Thailand Co., Ltd.(AOT). Privacy policy covers how we collect, use, disclose and take action on the information which personally identifies you (personal information). Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our privacy practices before using the website or filling in any personal information on the website.

In order to use the services of the website, you must firstly agree to the conditions written in the privacy policy.  AOT may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. When we change the privacy policy, we will notify you  with relevant updates. Any updates will be effective on activities and content which will take place in the future and never be effective on activities and content in the present time.  Therefore, you should regularly read the privacy policy when you visit the website to clearly understand the privacy policy and AOT's latest guideline for your personal information which you provide to the AOT.

This privacy policy applies only to internal service of the website. If you connect or link to other websites, please check the privacy policy of the website which you visit.

What information we collect
The official website of Airport of Thailand Co., Ltd. will collect your personal information which you provide to us during use our website service. Personal information includes, for example, name, date, ID card number or passport number, phone number, email address, and others.  This personal information will be used for registration purposes on our website with your consent, unless you have given us permission to use your personal information for other purposes, such as to add your name/email on the list to send you our newsletter via email.

Technology to remember information(Cookies)
Our website may contain cookies or other similar technologies to remember information.  It depends on the types of service in which we provide. Cookies or technology to remember information may be used to collect information, for example, types of browser including operating system to count the number of users of the website and to understand web user’ needs.  Moreover, cookies technology will help us to “tailor” the website to each user’s personal needs by remembering information of each user when visiting the website.  Cookies or other similar technologies to remember information may not be used for collecting your personal information purpose.  However, if you have ever filled in your personal information previously, cookies may remember that information and may provide any of your personal information to any third parties.


Disclosure of your information
The official website of Airport of Thailand Co., Ltd. may reveal your personal information upon request/orders from law enforcement authorities or if needed to follow the law agencies or other companies who help us to investigate, prevent, or to take action against legal offense action. We may provide your personal information as the followings (1) Upon request/order from regulators  and law enforcement or (2) To take action against or to prevent the fraud, deceit or making purchase without permission which is possible to happen. User agrees and allows the service provider and/or relevant companies to reveal user’s personal information to any third parties authorize by the service provider and/or the company without any advance notification.


Security of your information
Your personal information will be kept safe and handled properly. Only our staff who has clearance, our representatives, our employees or any other person or entities(who agree to keep those information safe and secure) authorized by the service provider and/or the company can approach this information. You may unsubscribe from our email and newsletter to not  receive future emails and updates in the future at any time.


Thank you

Website team of Airports of Thailand


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