Donmuang Airport Map With in the terminal แผนที่ สนามบินดอนเมือง แผนที่ภายในสนามบินดอนเมือง

Airport Map


   TERMINAL 2   


   Terminal 2 : 1FL - Domestic Arrivals / Public Transportations Directory Information

Legend    Free Shuttle Bus to Suvarnabhumi Airport is located at Entrance 6 Terminal 1 (for passenger only)



   Terminal 2 : 2FL - Airline Office Directory Information



   Terminal 2 : 3FL - Domestic Departures Directory Information



   Terminal 2 : 4FL - Shops & Restaurants Directory Information



   Domestic Departures   Police Station   Public Taxi
   Domestic Arrivals   Airline Office   Bus
   Transter Counters   Meeting Point   Suttle Bus
   Baggage Claim   Post Office   Limobus
   Information   Tour Service   Car Rent
   Airport Lost & Found   Currency Exchange/Bank   Toilets
   First Aid   ATM   Disabled Toilet
   VIP/CIP Room   Shops   Drinking Water
   Reception Room for Buddhist Monks   Restaurants   Mobile Phone Service
   Muslim Prayer Room   Cafe   Car Park P2
   Sleep Box   Smoking Area   Entrance



   TERMINAL 1   



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