Top Thai Style Hotels in Ayutthaya

Top Thai Style Hotels in Ayutthaya

 Top Thai Style Hotels in Ayutthaya

    Ayutthaya... World Heritage listed Old Town, where thousands gathered. There is already a tourist attraction Hotels have numerous One of them is Thai-style accommodation The charming and unique And won the hearts of foreigners is tremendous. Experience the culture and beauty of the real Thailand. These are where style accommodation.



 Pludhaya Resort & Spa

Address: Moo 7. Khlong Plu district Bang Pa-in district. Ayutthaya.
Price: 5000-7000 ฿

    'Pludhaya Resort & Spa', a cultural pride of the resort, Thailand. Handed down from generation to generation The decoration of the house is a meticulously prepared traditional facilities modern. Surrounded by natural greenery and tranquility. For those who are looking to stay for a holiday chill.




 Iudia On the River Hotel

Address: Moo 4 U Street. Ayutthaya River Arch. E. Ayutthaya
Price: 3000-8000 ฿

    'Iudia On The River' Luxury waterfront. All rooms facing the river. Thus enjoy magnificent views of Ayutthaya fully sighted. The rooms are tastefully decorated. With art and ceramics from various eras. Including facilities along creationism day of joy to you and your loved ones.




 Ayutthaya Retreat

Location: U Street district. Ayutthaya.
Price: 3500-6000 ฿

    A Thailand-style charm 'Ayutthaya Retreat' resort homes Thailand is Thailand's most ways. Ideal for relaxation, tranquility and privacy. Wake up Facing the atmosphere of nature. Inside there are eight rooms decorated warmly. Infused with the scent of herbs Help you feel rejuvenated




 Baan Tye Wang Hotel

Location: T.Pratoochai Ayutthaya.
Price: From 4000 ฿

    'Baan Tye Wang' accommodation tiny warm. Hiding in the garden Thailand canal. Inside you will enjoy the garden view room. Quiet Close to many World Heritage sites Convenient ever




 Ayodhara Village

Address: Moo 6. The island houses. Ayutthaya.
Price: 3000-9000 ฿

    'Ayodhara Village' style hotel Thailand river. Quiet combines stylish and comfortable together. Under the shade of trees. Also enjoy food and Thailand Services of hotels, holiday experience with warm and precious to you.




 Ruen Tubtim Hotel

Location: floating islands. Ayutthaya
Price: 3000-8000 ฿

    'Ruen Tubtim Hotel' accommodation Thailand genuine atmosphere that feels warm and charming and unique rooms and 10 rooms all lined two sides surrounded by natural greenery. Like a second home With modern facilities and services of the hotel.




 Bangplamo River View Resort

Address: Moo 6. Remove the breast. Bang Ban district. Ayutthaya.
Price: 3000-8000 ฿

    'Bangplamo River View Resort' resort waterfront home offers a quiet and natural sounds. Helps to relax Cruise along the waterfront lifestyle of the locals. The resort includes a restaurant where you can enjoy a perfect meal. All this waiting for you to enjoy yourself.




 The Bank River House

Address: Moo 4. Phak Hai River, Ayutthaya. E. Ayutthaya
Price: From 3000 ฿

    'The Bank River House' quarters for relaxation. Slovak waterfront living experience live crowded along the banks. The boat is available to all. The warmly decorated beautifully and feels a little flashback. That takes you back to the touching of Thailand in the past, clearly not.




 Athithara Homestay

Address: 21 Soi Thong., Arch., Muang. Ayutthaya.
Price: 2000-5000 ฿

    'Athithara Homestay' beginning of relaxation form Thailand. Here the atmosphere surrounded by nature. Within yet fully equipped with the facilities and services of many highlights on the waterfront views of the unique charm of this place. How was it to come to me.




 Ayutthaya Bouchic Hostel

Address: Moo 8. The fortified house. Ayutthaya.
Price: 500-1200 ฿

    'Ayutthaya Bouchic Hostel' chic style accommodation Thailand. All that combined with a modern decor. Focus furniture Private balcony There is also a garden And many services, including rental bicycles to explore the city library and Wifi is also close to popular attractions of Ayutthaya. Make the journey more enjoyable ever.




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