Top Hotels for Honeymoon in Ayutthaya

Top Hotels for Honeymoon in Ayutthaya


 Top Hotels for Honeymoon in Ayutthaya

     Ayutthaya .. Perfect for honeymooners dramatically. The atmosphere is romantic waterfront. Historic temples, spectacular views and plenty. Made during the honeymoon couple's sweeter than ever. Ayutthaya is filled with the hotel's Property Perfect. Ideal for celebrating the wedding. The hotels are located where. :)



 Kantary Hotel Ayutthaya

Address: Moo 1 Rojana Road, Klong Plu Bangkok. Bangkok.
Price: 5000-15000 ฿

    'Kantary Hotel Ayutthaya' luxury furnished contemporary. It offers rooms in a serviced apartment is the best for the holidays. The rooms are equipped with facilities and services. Many of the hotel The swimming pool, sauna, steam room, restaurant meals creationism Thailand and international guests visit.




 Sala Ayutthaya

Location: U Street Riverside Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya
Price: 7000-18000 ฿

    'Sala Ayutthaya' luxury river with a unique décor. All rooms offer views of the river as well. The atmosphere inside the hotel with a dreamy and magical aura of Ayutthaya, literally. There are also many services and facilities.




 Classic Kameo Hotel&Serviced Apartments Ayutthaya

Location: Rojana Road, Moo 5 Tambon. Phai Ling. Ayutthaya.
Price: 4000-7000 ฿

    'Classic Kameo Hotel and Serviced Apartments, Ayutthaya' hotel beautifully combines modern style. It is best to use the free time to relax. Warm atmosphere Designed to support a life of luxury, comfort and well-equipped with facilities to fulfill all the rest as well.




 Krungsri River Hotel

Address: Moo 11 Rojana, Ayutthaya river. Ayutthaya
Price: 3000-15000 ฿

    'Krungsri River' hotel in the heart of Ayutthaya. The new Reno Private A resort that attracts attention and stimulate your senses in every way. Decorated with elegant Thailand has the potential omnipresent aura. With stunning views ahead And services The restaurant, pool, sauna, massage, karaoke, Thailand and river boat tours.




 Iudia On the River Hotel

Location: U Street Riverside Ayutthaya. Ayutthaya
Price: 3000-8000 ฿

    'Iudia On The River', a luxury hotel with comfortable and decorative flair Thailand. All rooms facing the river. Overlooking the river as well. With facilities of modern art and ceramics from various eras. Love art'S Thailand. Stay here definitely not disappoint you.




 Ayutthaya Retreat

Location: The Fort Yai. Abbottabad.
Price: 3500-6000 ฿

    'Ayutthaya Retreat' resort homes Thailand. It offers 8 rooms tastefully decorated with pleasant, airy atmosphere. For convenience and to all guests. If you are looking for a comfortable and luxurious. Here is a good option for you ever.




 Ayutthaya Garden River Home

Address: Among the 7 Pa. Ayutthaya.
Price: 2400 ฿

    'Ayutthaya Garden River Home' hotel is decorated with rococo Thailand. A tropical gardens and overlooking the river. And outdoor pool The rooms are equipped with amenities. The restaurant serves western and Thailand. Using ingredients from the organic garden salads and vegetarian dishes in the hotel.




 Baan Tye Wang Hotel

Address: Among the eight goals. Ayutthaya.
Price: 4000 ฿

    'Baan Tye Wang' accommodation tiny warm. Hiding in the garden Thailand canal. Inside you will enjoy the garden view room. Quiet Close to many World Heritage sites Convenient ever




 The Cavalli Casa Resort

Address: Moo 2. The island houses. Ayutthaya.
Price: 2000-3000 ฿

    'The Cavalli Casa Resort' boutique resort on an area of over 10 hectares within a simple décor. The beauty and functionality are important. Emphasizes warm colors Feels like a lie in my own home, it does not matter.




 Ayutthaya Grand Hotel

Location: Rojana Road Han Tra District. Ayutthaya.
Price: 1800-2500 ฿

    "Ayutthaya Grand Hotel 'ultimate resort for couples, honeymooners. Designed to suit both business and leisure. Rooms are equipped with more than 122 facilities and personal service. The elegant verve help during your honeymoon or romantic relaxation.



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