Top Budget Hotels in Ayutthaya

Top Budget Hotels in Ayutthaya

 Top Budget Hotels in Ayutthaya

    Who's that need to cost the earth! Ayutthaya is surrounded by numerous hotels to accommodate visitors from around the world. The hotel's rooms are extremely comfortable and reasonably priced, we will take them to visit me today. Look, it's just a lie. Know I express check !!



 Ayutthaya Garden River Home

Aกdress: Among the 7 Pa. Ayutthaya.
Price: From 2400 ฿

    'Ayutthaya Garden River Home' hotel is decorated with rococo Thailand. A tropical gardens and overlooking the river. And outdoor pool The rooms are equipped with amenities. The restaurant serves western and Thailand. Using ingredients from the organic garden salads and vegetarian dishes in the hotel.




 Tony's Place Beds & Breakfast

Location: Naresuan Rd Soi 18. Rattanachai position Naga Village Hall. Ayutthaya.
Price: 1500-4000 ฿

    'Tony's Place Bed & Breakfast' cozy accommodation. The services and amenities include 40 well-appointed rooms, a tourist attraction with a warm decor. Suitable for the whole family Including those bearing Packer as well.




 Bann Baimai Boutique Room

Location: Forest Lane's tone. Rattanachai position Naga Village Hall. Ayutthaya.
Price: 2,000 ฿

    'Baan Baimai Boutique Room' hotel offering affordable interest directly to the front door. The hotel is fully equipped with everything you need. With facilities and personal service. Massages, golf, bicycle hire, Wifi Free.




 The Park Guesthouse

Address: Moo 3 Tha Wasukri, Ayutthaya.
Price: 1500-2500 ฿

    'The Park Guesthouse' accommodation in the heart of the lovely island of Ayutthaya. Near Wat Mahathat Services and amenities provided. The atmosphere is pleasant and homey. Enthrall Check back here every time.




 Phrakhun House

Location: Naresuan Rd. Ayutthaya.
Price: 1300-1600 ฿

    'Phrakhun House' offers impressive quality and smiling. Centrally located in Ayutthaya Making it possible to enjoy a variety of activities And travel to popular tourist destinations easily. Guaranteed satisfaction here to stay the course.




 Baifern Homestay

Address: Moo 4. The winning goal. Ayutthaya.
Price: 2500-4500 ฿

    'Baifern Homestay' accommodation to help you unwind from a busy day at work. This reflects itself through the room design. Inside, amenities and services. A dream place of rest for travelers seeking charm comfort and convenience in Ayutthaya.




 The Old Palace Resort

Address: Moo 5. The serpent posture. Ayutthaya.
Price: 1200-3000 ฿

    'The Old Palace Resorts' hotel rooms are spacious and offer privacy to the discerning travelers. Suitable for the whole family to stay. Surrounded by atmosphere With all facilities Highlights of Thailand massage and a warm and charming restaurants that are like no other.




 Tamarind Guesthouse

Address: Tha Wasukri, Ayutthaya.
Price: 700-2000 ฿

    'Tamarind Guest House' perfect accommodation for tourists. As well as families who want to enjoy the richness of Ayutthaya. Guests can travel to popular tourist destinations of Thailand easily. The warmly decorated Felt like sleeping inside their own homes.




 Ayutthaya Bouchic Hostel

Address: Moo 8. The fortified house. Ayutthaya.
Price: 500-1200 ฿

    'Ayutthaya Bouchic Hostel' chic style accommodation Thailand. All that combined with a modern decor. Focus furniture Private balcony There is also a garden And many services, including rental bicycles to explore the city library and Wifi is also close to popular attractions of Ayutthaya. Make the journey more enjoyable ever.




 Stockhome Hostel Ayutthaya

Location: Tha Wasukri, Ayutthaya.
Price: 300-400 ฿

    'Stockhome Hostel Ayutthaya' chic accommodation in the city. With facilities and service facilities. Chic decor Felt like I was staying in the house. A seating area for relaxing Kitchen The restaurant where you can enjoy throughout the day.



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