Top Luxury Hotels in Buriram

 Top Luxury Hotels in Buriram

    ‘Buriram’ city with culture. charm And the bustling atmosphere of the city, which then here is another tourist destination of Thailand that foreigners like. With a variety of ways of living. Many stadium The accommodation style One of them is a luxury these days, we suggest 10 luxury hotel in Buriram. Guaranteeing beautiful and comfortable 3-star ++.


1. X2 Vibe Buriram

Address: Moo 10. Isan. Muang. Buriram
Price: 1500-20000 ฿

    'X2 Vibe Buriram' luxury modern chic decor. But the aura of Buriram inserted all the decorations. This is perfect for those who love speed. It is located near Racetrack and Ram Stadium inside Filling the new generation. Elegant but strong And personal service The International Kitchen, Roof Top Bar on the deck overlooking beautifully.




2. Amari Buriram United

Location: 15th Street Massacre Ram - Prakonchai Sub., East., Muang. Buriram
Price: 1200-6000 ฿

    'Amari Buriram United' first football theme hotel in Thailand. Rooms are comfortable and stylish, ideal for travel with family, friends or a loved one has been designed with inspiration from local football. Equipped with facilities and services including room Ballroom, VIP Lounge, a restaurant, a small soccer field, swimming pool and stadium VIP Skybox overlooking the magnificent clearly.




3. Hotel De L'amour

Address: Moo 8 Chokchai - Det district Prakonchai package. Buriram.
Price: 1500-12000 ฿

    'Hotel De L' amour' luxury accommodation for you to relax in the quiet center of Buriram. All rooms are equipped with amenities and personal service. The large outdoor pool, spa, bar, room service 24 hours, shops.




4. Alvarez Hotel

Address: Moo 3 JIRA. Muang. Buriram.
Price: 1200-6000 ฿

    'Alvarez Hotel' the beginning of a great journey. With its central location in Buriram Surrounded by a surprisingly lively Easy access to the attractions easily. The elegant decor You relax




5. Akelada Hotel

Address: Street Chokchai - Det district Nang Rong district. Buriram.
Price: 1000-5000 ฿

    'Akelada Hotel' holiday accommodation to create an extremely tired. You will feel the warmth and comfort. With elegant furnishings and unique. The well-equipped with facilities. It is also close to many famous attractions. The Vine Hotel is the first major hotel in the heart of tourists.




6. Play La Ploen Boutique Resort and Adventure Camp

Address: Municipal district the moat. Buriram.
Price: 2000-6000 ฿

    'Play La Ploen Boutique Resort and Adventure Camp' accommodation lovely. The charming Full service Focus as the site for the development of the students outside the classroom. Promotes learning Inspiration And a knowledge of history and ancient culture. Including leisure and lifestyle for the whole family.




7. Mamaison hotel

Address: Moo. 9 Isan. Muang. Buriram.
Price: 1000-7000 ฿

    'Mamaison Hotel' in lodge activities. The cultural and scenic of Ram. This helps you to avoid a busy day. Come experience the excitement and quiet at the same central city and equipped with warm service and hospitality.




8. Buritel Hotel

Location: Hanchanapanich the road. In the city. Muang. Buriram.
Price: 1000-5000 ฿

    'Buritel Hotel' one of the best sets of Buri Ram. City The rooms are standard Equipped with facilities and personal service. You will feel comfortable in tangible.




9. The S.G. Hotel

Address: Among the eight central Ram. Buriram.
Price: 850-3000 ฿

    'The S.G. Hotel' in downtown. You can go shopping easily. Including football, golf, racing and Phanom Rung. Attractions for the role of Ram. The hotel is decorated in a distinctive style. Perfect with 30 rooms with a unique design.




10. GT Residence Hotel

Address: Moo 9 Tambon headed home. Isan province. Buriram.
Price: 800-3000 ฿

    'GT Residence Hotel' Hotel is designed in the style third floor has a swimming pool that is divided into two sections for kids and for adults. Interior widely The cozy as possible It is also close to the football stadium and racetrack.



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