Top Panoramic View Hotels in Loei


10 hotels with beauty views at Loei Province

    Loei... One of the options that fully satisfies the relaxation solution. Here is well known for their atmosphere, nature and beauty scenic views. With absolutely such beautiful views, how come there is no hotel with beauty views? These are 10 hotels with beauty views that we recommend to check in immediately!!!


1. Phurua Sanctuary Resort & Spa

Address: Moo 8. Nongbua. Rua district. Loei
Price: 2000-6000 ฿

    ‘Phurua Sanctuary Resort & Spa’ Another hotel that cater to vacationers. The atmosphere is tranquil privacy. The intimate nature with an area of over 100 acres, has been decorated Thailand. Combining classic Thailand Luang Prabang. And the modern together perfectly.




2. Phu Na Come Resort

Address: Moo 3 walking home. Dansai. Loei
Price: 2000-4000 ฿

    ‘Phu Na Come Resort’ take you to a new experience, who love the nature and boutique accommodation East. Well-groomed Equipped with facilities And a fascinating relic of the past. A good time For holiday.




3. Phu Pha Nam Resort & Spa

Address: Moo 1. Khok Ngam. Dansai. Loei
Price: 1600-8000 ฿

    ‘Phu Pha Nam Resort & Spa Stay in the heart of the beautiful forest Leaving the mess behind Turn to experience nature in a way you fly. The rooms are designed and decorated with teak wood. Equipped with Child facilities And services The Japanese-style spa Thailand ancient massage or even at all impressed.




4. Maan Mek Talay Mok Resort

Address: 10 Moo Ngam district Nong Hin district. Loei
Price: 2000-14000 ฿

    ‘Maan Mek Talay Mok Resort’ The beginning of a great getaway. With its convenient location Into town easily Plus the services and facilities of comfort. Provoking fresh and warm every visitor. A second home, it does not matter.




5. Phurua Resort

Address: among them two roads - Sak's. Nongbua. Rua district. Yet.
Price: 2000-10000 ฿

    ‘Phurua Resort’ Avalon's first Rua. Open for more than 25 years under the concept. 'Accommodation amidst nature' decor is highlighted Earth Tone of wood featuring a waterfall and stream, creek glide name. Runs through the resort So more than 80-90% of the rooms here, so stick streams.




6. Chic Chiangkhan Hotel

Address: 20 Moo 2 Soi Chai Khong district Khan district. Loei
Price: 1200-6000 ฿

    ‘Chic Chiangkhan Hotel’ Chic and comfortable accommodation to make your vacation absolutely. This is complemented by amenities and services. The answer is in the holiday Chic and Cool in Chiang Khan.




7. Rungyen Resort

Address: Moo 7. Khok Ngam. Dan Rua district. Loei
Price: 1200-2000 ฿

    ‘รังRungyen Resort’ The resort, the largest in the province. Surrounded by nature Plants in winter And fresh air Cool all year round The inside has been well designed, fully equipped for all standard facilities and activities.




8. Mekong Riverside Resort & Camping

Address: Moo 5. Huay Pichai district e commented. Loei
Price: 1200-2000 ฿

    ‘แMekong Riverside Resort & Camping’ Excellent choice for travelers who love to relax. Equipped with facilities and personal service. Enjoy the luxury Combining warmth in all nostalgic.




9. Baansupichaya

Address: Chai Khong Road Soi 14 in the town of Khan. Khan district. Loei
Price: 1000-3000 ฿

    ‘บ้Baansupichaya’ Accommodation in the town of Khan, conveniently just 60 minutes away from the airport are equipped with the finest services and facilities to the local computer stringent. Relaxing experience you may never forget.




10. Loei Pavilion Hotel

Address: Street - Dan Sai district town. Loei
Price: 700-1500 ฿

    ‘โรLoei Pavilion Hotel’ Peaceful retreat center Surrounded by nature and the unique simplicity of a million elephants. Each room is a different color to highlight. But the same thing is going to open the door and relax.





Recommend Hotels

With A View Hotel @Chiangkhan

Address: Moo 2 Chai Khong Khan Khan downtown district. Loei
Price: 1300-6000 ฿

    ‘With A View Hotel @Chiangkhan’ Relaxing place to enjoy the great facilities and top-class selection. All rooms are surrounded by a warm atmosphere where everyone must be loved.




Be Cool Boutique Hotel @Phurua

Address: among the two. Rua district. Loei
Price: 800-2000 ฿

    ‘Be Cool Boutique Hotel @Phurua’ Boutique-style accommodation for travelers. The interior is designed to offer maximum comfort to its guests. Equipped with a range of services Make this the first option on the rest of the province.



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