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Don Mueang International Airport is the airport which provides a wide variety of aviation services including regular and irregular domestic flights as well as irregular international flights. Due to the good location, spacious area, and adequate facilities, Don Mueang Airport is an airport which customers have been greatly satisfied with.


Located at longitude 100° 36' 30" and latitude 13° 54' 52", 9 feet above sea level, 21.6 kms. northeast from Bangkok city center.

Airport Code
-  IATA : DMK 

Number of Runways : 2 runways
- Runway 21 R/03L - 3,700 meters long, 60 meters wide (12,139 feet/197 feet)
- Runway 21 L/03R - 3,500 meters long, 45 meters wide (11,461  feet/147 feet) 

Capacity : 40 flights per hour

Characteristics : asphaltic concrete

- Runway 21R/03L = PCN.126/F/D/W/T
- Runway 21L/03R = PCN.126/F/D/W/T

Number of Taxiway  : 23

Aircraft Parking Stands : 101 parking stands divided into 35 parking stands with contact gates to Terminal 1 (21 parking stands in use) and 66 remote parking bays

Check-in Counters : 167 counters In Terminal 1, there are 124 check-in counters (32 counters in use).


Terminal Information :  International Passenger Terminal 1

 Total Area  109,033 sqm.
 Arrival  28,469.39 sqm.
 Departure  27,262.90 sqm.
 Transit  1,802.50 sqm.
 Accommodation Capacity  16 million passengers/year
 Charter Flight Accommodation Capacity  140 flights/month

Domestic Passenger Terminal

 Total Area  22,266 sqm.
 Arrival  5,623 sqm.
 Departure  8,433 sqm.
 Transit  11,611 sqm.
 Rental Area  5,969 sqm.
 Other Public Area  989 sqm.
 Accommodation Capacity  (passenger/hour)
 Arrival  2,000 passengers/hour
 Departure  2,500 passengers/hour



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