Do you know? Don Mueang Airport 'Terminal 2' is now opened since 24 Dec 2015

Do you know? Don Mueang Airport 'Terminal 2' is now opened since 24 Dec 2015

 Do you know? Don Mueang Airport 'Terminal 2' is now opened since 24 Dec 2015


   Many people may be familiar with the DMK. Terminal 1 accommodates a large number of visitors. Actually, I know that. 'DMK Today, more than 90,000 passengers per day, up from 29-30 percent. Flights per day and serves more than 650 flights a 20 percent increase as compared to the previous year. Included are more than 28 million passengers per year and is likely to increase to 30 million by the year 2559 once the truth. Limits of Bangkok International Airport You can just 18.5 million passengers per year only.



   For the convenience of passengers, and can serve up everything. Combined with reducing the density within the Airports of Thailand (AOT) has made improvements. ‘Terminal 2 building  (Terminal 2) For domestic passengers Open during some (Soft Opening) on December 24, 2558 and scheduled to open fully in February 2559. Read more click


 6 Domestic Airlines that serve the building moved to Terminal 2 Click for details



The isolated building 2 (Terminal 2) was intended to separate domestic passengers and passengers traveling between countries apart. For faster service here.

Terminal 1 (International).

Rows 1 - 2: Thai Airasia.
Row 4: Thai Air Asia X.
Row 5: Orient Thai
Line 6 - 7: Nok Air / Nok Scoot.
Row 8: Thai Lion Air


Terminal 2 (domestic).

Line 9 - 10: Thai Airasia.
Row 11: R Airline / Orient Thai / Thai Lion Air.
Row 12: Thai Lion Air / Thai Smile.
Line 14 - 15: Nok Air.

TIPS Row13 because no two buildings, this building was once used as the country comes first. So do not use this number


 What's inside?


 4Th floor of the building

- Burger King
- The Pizza Company
- DQ
- Thai Express
- Bonchon
- Caffe Ritazza
- Yentafo Kruengsonge 
- McDonal’s
- Magic Food District (Food Court)



 After check within a Gate

- Starbuck Coffee
- The Coffee Club
- Bread Talk
- McDonal’s
- Burger King
- Seven-Elelven (7-11)


 How to get there?

Private car – Parking is a seven-storey car park (adjacent to Terminal 2) that controls car - out automatically. Read more click


 Parking rates 

0 – 3 hours  20 Baht
 4 hours         40 Baht
5 hours          60 Baht
6 hours        80 Baht
7 hours      100 Baht
8 – 24 hours 250 Baht

A fraction of an hour is one hour later than 24 hours from the first hours of the new.
And the overnight parking fee is charged at the price of 250 baht per day.


Public service

 Limo Bus ExpressRead more click

TIPS Only between December 30, 2558 - January 2, 2559 is available free ride.

 Shuttle Bus
Service routes between Don Muang airport - Suvarnabhumi Airport Gate 6-8 inbound platform building one (for passengers to change planes. A source at Suvarnabhumi Airport Complimentary)

The taxi parking area under the building, 7th floor (next to Terminal 2) to pay an extra fee of 50 baht meter.

 Bus Line  – Read more click


Hopes passengers will receive information about. ‘Terminal 2' Good enough
Who will come just a little extra time. Even into the new year, people will be more tight :).


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