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  • 240x160

    The cafe draw (Ang Thong)

        The cafe draw (Ang Thong)  The cafe draw Located on Soi The coffee shop is the ancient remains of coffee with people in the community to contribute continuously for more than 70 years ago that I Chokchai...

  • 240x160

    Pad Thai Wat Tongkoong - Ang Thong

    'Pad Thai Wat Tongkoong'  This did not really miss The shop is the oldest inherited the fourth generation since you lose the sale boating along the river in the neighborhood. Before moving to set up shop in the...

  • 240x160

    Phaiphan (Uthai Thani)

        Phaiphan  (Uthai Thani) Phaiphan The stabilizing sales since 2516, as "you Apprrn Wattana Panich," recounted. "Thailand is the first house pastry Aalaw baking pastry and confectionery Thailand...