Kamnan Chul Shop (Phetchabun)

Kamnan Chul Shop (Phetchabun)

 Kamnan Chul Shop (Phetchabun)

Speaking to the gift shop at one another through this road is a must visit would give a microscopic village where people need to be reminded. “Pickled” Bards are made from fish Nualchan. A little trick to bring back home fries. Is a leading fresh egg to fry in hot oil. Then a moment to drain the oil. Chopped fresh chilli Soi shallots thin glasses Sprinkle dry roasted chili Eaten with steamed rice Do not tell anyone, delicious



Before leaving, do not forget the way home. Pick up some souvenirs to trustees. The bar offers a wide selection If you like the food Beverage Processing The sausage, fruit, juice, chili sauce, dried visit them.



Microbiology farm village in Phetchabun downtown Tel. 0 5677 1555.



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