One Day Trip around Don Mueang Airport at JJ Market

One Day Trip around Don Mueang Airport at JJ Market

  One Day Trip around Don Mueang Airport at JJ Market 

    ‘Don Mueang Airport’ was located at the center of Bangkok. There are many restaurants and attractions around the airport.  Today, we would like to recommend Chatuchak Market known as "JJ Market" the shopping center of Thais and foreign travelers as they mark it on their calendar. Apart from Chatuchak Market, there are more interesting places around Don Mueang Airport.


Before starting: Renting a car from the airport is an alternative option that has been popular for tourists,
both of foreign and Thai because It's easy to get to everywhere, fast and safety. 
 (Book a car, Click here). 



    At first, we will check-in at "Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok" 5-star hotel and department store opposite Chatuchak Market. This place services the impressed room and facilities. In additions, it offers a premium and chic shopping mall at the first floor building as well. This place is far from Don Muang International Airport just 18 minutes.

    After leave luggages at the room. We are ready to exercises and stretch at "Muay Thai FA Group Gym". It is far from hotel just 7-minutes walked. Boxing is a unique sport that us to get sweat and lose weight. In additions, this camp also is very popular for foreign tourists. Travelers can learn Thai boxing at here one by one and if your skill is up, you are able practice with the real boxers. This camp is located behind Channel 7 Building you can get there by take a BTS to Chatuchak BTS then take a car to soi Ya-Soob.

    After Boxing class, we will relax by going for a walk at Chatuchak Market. It is just two kilometers away from the boxing camp. This market regarded as the second rank of biggest market in Thailand where fulfilled with chic and stylish clothes, jewelry, crafts, animals, trees, furniture, and is very comfortable to bargain as well.


• Area1 - antiques, collectibles and books    • Area2 - Handicraft Products

• Area3-4 - Clothing, Bedding    • Area 5-6 - Second hand clothes • Area 7 - Art work

• Area 8-13 – Pets    • Area 14-27 – Outfits, Handicraft, Products Food and Beverage


Tips: If you want a budget price, let’s shop here around 11 pm - 5 am every Friday.
The clothes was discounted more than half price at Area 16-21 Gate3 :)

Recommended Shops at Chatuchak Market

• J&K Grilled Octopus from Ma-Ha-Chai    • Sprinkle paprika potato sticks. • curry puff
• Lemonade      • Fried egg squid      • Stewed pork soup with morning glory and bean sprout
•Icecream Ban-Paw    • Viva       • Handicraft at Dad Shop
• Painted Pottery Bowl at My Thai   • Candles and fragrant bag at Karma Karmet

    Getting here is very easy, just stop at Mo Chit BTS station exit 1 or Kamphaeng Phet MRT station exit 2 (Project 1.2, Zone Books) or drop at Chatuchak Park Station Exit 1 (near the project 5,6,7). We suggest you to spend time here because this place is worth shopping anything you want. As a result, on day might not enough for shopping though. Chatuchak Market open only on Saturday – Sunday at 9:00 to 18:00 pm. (Tree Market also open on Wednesday - Thursday 06:00 to 18:00).

    At the evening, we fade out of crowded people to touch nature among the city by cycling at "Wachirabenchatat garden" or “Train Garden”, where close to Chatuchak Weekend Market, it is far from Chatuchak Market 4 kilometers. There are many activities within this park such as cycling, Butterfly Garden, swimming pool, camping, imitate ecology forest, park, picnic, food court, tennis, bocce, basketball, yoga, aerobics, sailing, kayaking. Moreover, most activities are free of charge here. (Except biking, swimming, tennis and paddle) Open daily from 5.00 am to 9.00 pm.

    After sunset, we move to Chatuchak Market Night or "JJ Green" meeting point of urban teens or even foreigners. This market located just two kilometers from the train park. There are many vintage shops and a Gypsy Market. Tousists can enjoy to shopping around here all day and night. It's very easy to get to JJ Green just stop at Mo Chit BTS station or MRT Chatuchak is open from 10.00 pm to 4:00 am on Friday night. Besides, Gypsy market garden is located behind the children museum, open Friday - Sunday from 6.00 pm – 12.00 am.

    Find something delicious to eat is a good idea, right? it is difficult to find fresh seafood at the middle of city. But there is seafood restaurant in Soi Ladprao 26 called "The Mud 26" where pleasant for young people, including foreigners. This restaurant is far from JJ Green just 16 minutes. At night, the restaurant turns on orange-colored lights hanging above that enhances more the pleasure of eating with the fineness atmosphere. Furthermore, seafood here is very fresh as well as the taste of sauce is juicy. Besides, the special menu that pleased the teenagers is marshmallow roast. It would be help the meal even more enjoyable. Opening hours from 6.00 pm. to 11.00 pm.

    After the long day, we will stay "Centara Grand at Central Plaza Ladprao Bangkok" just walk from “The Mud 26” 10 minutes only and end the one day trip with enjoyable and worth it.

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