Phae Rim Nam (Chai Nat)

Phae Rim Nam (Chai Nat)

 Phae Rim Nam (Chai Nat)

Platinum, which is a first in this region so special fish menu and expertise. For those who prefer spicy food. I must say that there is no disappointment. Because here is focused only delicious spicy food!

แพริมน้ำ (ชัยนาท)
Phae Rim Nam


From the first menu "Curry fish fracture," which is a freshwater fish as well. Normally fish would crack smell quite a lot, but now he has a special technique to get rid of the smell. With the introduction of fish before scalding Wait until the water is boiling Insert into That will not stop people consuming curry flavor to me. Before coming to the same clan. "Spicy Fried Fish Kang", a large freshwater fish. The technique is to fry them first to minimize the smell first and then be fried.

แพริมน้ำ (ชัยนาท) แพริมน้ำ (ชัยนาท)
Phae Rim Nam

This spicy dish came second this time with a spicy brakes. "Fried fish soft" inherent weakness fish are not large. The texture is soft, but the taste of fried fish to fry until crispy. That can be eaten whole Without fear of a bone stuck in the throat (17 m. 2. House banana. Muang. Nat. Tel: 08 7206 4144 Open every day from 10:00 to 23:00 hrs.).



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