One Day Trip – China Town Street @Yaowarach

One Day Trip – China Town Street @Yaowarach


 One Day Trip – China Town Street @Yaowarach 

    'Yaowarat Road' or 'China Town in Thailand' road has been dubbed the 'Dragons Road' communities of Chinese, many Chinese and Thailand. The specialty of this road is. During the day and night to have a different charm. During the day bustling with merchants, shoppers in the market. Sundown become a meeting point for the townspeople. Find out eating delicious food Traffic lights of the shops Enjoy the night of Yaowarat Road.



    From Don Muang Airport It takes about one hour to Yaowarat stay at 'Hotel Shanghai Mansion Boutique Hotel' style in China. Including appliances Feel the vibe of China. Another highlight is a tourist favorite. 'Yin Yang Spa' spa, take care of you from head to toe.


Call. 02-221-2121

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    Just a few minutes walk from the hotel to meet. 'Restaurant Hang Seng Hong' mixed Teochew, Cantonese restaurant. The atmosphere is perfect for taking the family to eat. Do not worry about the taste The protagonist of the store to give a red shark fin soup, roasted duck. Duck and Rice

Open: 09.00 – 01.00 am.



    Then came the dessert shop. 'Sweet Noodle by Jae Muay' vermicelli dessert she made it? You have to try yourself. Use egg noodles not Fill with a Chinese jujube lotus seeds, red beans, lotus root simmered sweet sugar. Topped with ice Reviewed help cool off quite well.

Open: 10.00 – 16.00 pm.



    Discover the exotic that you find difficult 'Kan Kee - Nam Tao Thong' store nectar. Antique bitter water Open for over 100 years, this restaurant has two gold sweet and bitter gourd customers come to order drinks, then stand it. Charge 10 baht per glass helps in balancing the yin and yang health.

Open: 08.00 – 22.00 pm.




    With a popular tourist destination for people born in the brew. "Wat Mangkorn Kamala Vas' or 'Wat Leng Neuilly' that we know well. This temple is the property Filip Ram Mahayana with exquisite art and the largest in Thailand. Highlights of this year is to pay homage to the maker. Tourists coming together Especially Chinese tourists.


Address: Charoenkrung Rd. Pom Prap Sattru Phai Bangkok
Open: 06.00 – 18.00 pm.


    It Odeon Circle slightly. Left to find 'Kuan Yim Shrine' (Thian Fa Foundation). The Foundation also offers images of Guanyin. Carved fascinating art of the Tang Dynasty. Brought from China Tourists come to pray for good health. Dispelling disease


Call. 02-237-2190-1 / 02-233-0955


 Recommend Place
'Wat Trimitr' ancient temple currently renovating it. A large building built of marble Atiwihitrsilps.
Maha Buddha 4 story centered historic Chinatown, Golden Buddha exhibition, pastor gold.
and runs clockwise for religious activity. It is a measure of which have been extremely popular with tourists.

Open: 05:00 to 23:00 hrs.


    For those who are looking for beautiful Chinese dresses suggest a 'Enjoy by Jae Ho' pretty Chinese dress shop. The first in Chinatown Open Chinatown for more than 15 years I have designed my own sewing factory located in China. Good texture Colorful authentic Chinese style Time to cut about 10 gauge only.



Address: Fl.2 (Near Starbuck) Grand China Hotel
Open: Daily
 10.00 – 18.30 pm.


    End the evening with a decidedly more things not to be missed! Who would eat seafood to sea always not true Chinatown that offers fresh seafood, delicious with a sauce spicy price 'T & K Seafood' (T & Seafood) or SE. Food green Jackets' opening over 20 years ago that the restaurant uses fresh, quality food palatable to both Thailand and foreigners here.

Recommended dishes: soup, baked crab, shrimp, crab curry, steamed fish with lemon.
Location: Gold gold shop. Soi openness star (Soi Texas).
Open: 16:30 to 02:00 hrs.



    Nearby is a zone you are toast. Cao's scent from afar. 'Nong Am Bakeries' sales start this evening. Tea and toast was very atmospheric. Use good bread skull The yen then in Pour the milk into the meat, bread, sweet onion until soft and delicious. Have an open 18.00 - 22.00. Stop Sunday.



 Recommend Restaurant
'Sia Shark Fin' Shark Fin Restaurant Chinatown. Cozy roadside But the quality and taste of the restaurant is quite posh.
All the water red maw Savor And shark cartilage The latest from the restaurant menu

Location: opposite Chinatown Bangkok Bank branch
Open: daily 19:00 to 01:30 (closed on Mondays)


 'Yaowarat Road 'road Dragons tourist highlights of many tourists.
Guaranteeing the delicious pleasure and entertainment. Welcome all visitors are always :)



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