Ayothaya Floating Market (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya)

Ayothaya Floating Market (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya)

  Ayothaya Floating Market (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya)

        Floating allocated layout and orderly. A large lagoons are separated. A row of shops built of wood imitating traditional shophouses. Folding doors Create walks the use of edible so comfortable I also feel very close to nature. With various building materials The emphasis is not to buy drinking water from bamboo and put in bamboo. Natural scent mixed with the drinking water. Dreamland will be home to a vase of flowers desktop application. Or hung on the balcony, the wind was pretty good again.




       Prior to dabble in markets The front Boat sightseeing around the market. Cozy seats, panoramic view simultaneously. Aim to settle it in the first place. Do not waste time Then began the tour. I saw a floating market in Thailand I do not think there's going to be a chic shopper. Shop of handmade gift bag such that I look cute shirt shops, shopping or unconventional ideas, especially in the Pac-Shirt mackerel are also endless shopping basket. The Top Product Arts and Crafts for a souvenir. Of all deposits It's certainly not lacking Part of it, not to mention. Loaded with both savory desserts like the great city of Ayutthaya was Ortisaiahm available to buy here. The attractiveness is another giant balls to say that real giant. Unexpected ever seen it. There is also a spa massage, foot massage spa Thailand too many fish and important to remember to visit the entertainment center of the lake water front. Switching to come around.



        For animal lovers Need to visit to complete. The Buffalo-size Big Brother He said the buffalo is the largest in Thailand. I saw a side of him was cold. But grass fed into each other. Guarantee that no gore Or you can feed the goats for a cute little with our own hands as well. Strange, than it is Feeding CARP In fact, it is the fish feed liquid into the bottle itself. But that is cute The fish will suck food from a bottle in hand, we are really amazing, this time to ensure that your camera is packed with the most intelligent animals cute indeed.


Floating Ayodhya Elephant adjacent to Ayodhya. The measure Mehigcs
Open daily 10:00 to 21:00 hrs. Www.ayothayafloatingmarket.com.


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