One Day Trip: Taste extra shimp and visit holy temples @ Ayutthaya

One Day Trip: Taste extra shimp and visit holy temples @ Ayutthaya



 One Day Trip : Fill your body and Fulfill your mind @ Ayutthaya

    Ayutthaya...a  world heritage city where everyone wants to visit once in lifetime. It is famous for ‘temple’ and also river prawn. Those who want to try fresh big river prawn choose to come here first. We will take you tour double trip purposes which you can both visit the temple and try very big river prawn at well-known restaurant.



For tourists: For more convenient transportation, you can take a rental car from Don Mueng airport to drive directly to Ayutthaya in only an hour 
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   Start the trip from to check-in at the hotel. The recommended hotel is ‘Sala Ayutthaya’ hotel which is located in the center of the city. It is decorated with modern style but reflecting Ayutthaya style with white tone. From here you can see riverside and the temple in panorama view.



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    Then it it time to eat! The ‘Pae Krung Kao’ restaurant is a Thai food restaurant decorated with classic style near riverside. Here provides both air conditioned dining room and float raft dining room. Here serves you original palatable food. Signature dish is ‘big size grilled river prawn’ which flesh texture is firm and rich. Eat grilled prawn with spicy seafood sauce. It is wonderful taste that you have to thumb up!

Recommended menu: grilled river prawn*, green curry paste with coconut milk and clown knife fish meatball, sheatfish fried with garlic, steamed snakehead fish with curry and coconut milk in banana leaf, fried snapper fish topped with fish sauce, sweet and sour crispy noodles.
Open: 10:00 to 21:00 hrs.​




    After main dish followed by sweet at ‘Ban Khaonom’ Thai desserts and coffee shop which is decorated in cute and trendy style and furnished with wooden furniture. The signature menu here is ‘Cha Mongkut’ and ‘Thong Aek’ which are so tasty that you will buy and take home.

Open: 09:00 to 20:00 hrs.




   Talking about Ayutthaya, we think about temple. The first temple we will visit is ‘Wat Pananchoengworawihan’ where many tourists especially Chinese people want to visit to pay homage to the statue of Lung po To or Sam Po Kong, who is highly respectable among Thai-Chinese lineage. One can perform a ceremony to dispel bad luck in bad luck year here. Phrachao Pananchoeng statue, the largest and oldest Buddha statue with the attitude of Subduing Mara, is enshrined here. This temple is surrounded with nature and riverview.


Open: 07:00 to 18:00 hrs.



    Next temple we will visit is ‘Wat Yaichaimongkol’, the most important historical temple and one of the most popular visit temples. The highlight here is it history, architectural style and the highest pagoda in Ayutthaya. This temple is surrounded by green park which is suitable for relaxation.




    Next place not far from the temple is ‘Gong Kong Market’, a small but interesting market. The vendor is on the ground and sellers sitting on the ground ware local traditional dress. The buyer have to sit and bend body down to choose product.That’s why the market named ‘Gong Kong Market’. Thai wedding style organize service is available here. There are various products sold here- food, desserts, fruits, vegetables, dried food, beans, basketery, hats, basket etc.




 Recommend Shop

'‘Roti Sai Mai by Abeedeen and Pranom Saengarun’ is a well-known candy floss shop in Ayutthaya. It is famous for soft flour sheet and fresh sweet candy floss that you can smell since the first step into the shop. It is good to buy back as souveniour.

Open: 07:00 to 19:00 hrs.



    The last place we will visit at night is the authentic Thai food restaurant ‘Ruen Thai Siam’. Its name shows clearly that the restaurant is a Thai style house. Every moment here you can feel Thai style. Most recipe are genuine palatable Thai food. The food especially the river prawn menu is palatable for foreigners and Thais.  ;)


Recommended menu: bone-out fried barb, Tod Man Khunchai, river prawn tomyam, chilli paste with dried shrimp, spicy papaya salad with crispy fish
Open: 10:00 to 22:00 hrs.





Fill your body and fulfill your mind with Ayutthaya trip. There are more interesting things than you have ever imagined.Spend your time travelling hear and you’ll never forget the memory. ^ _ ^


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