Mo Hin Khao

Mo Hin Khao

 Mo Hin Khao

  Many people may not know that Chaiyaphum province has many natural attractions. Whether it is a field of flowers at the spring when it rains, it often blossomed full of fields on the park. There is also a beautiful waterfall. And national parks Including unconventional attractions such as "white stone", the stone is a prominent place was dubbed as a beautiful. "Stonehenge Thailand"


 Mo Hin Khao Located in Phu Lan National Park. The Maori rock area is characterized by meadows on the hill. Sam with a large group of white sandstone, lined up and eye-catching. Similar to Stonehenge one of the 7 wonders of the Middle Ages of England, anyway. It was dubbed as Stonehenge Thailand by default.




It is estimated that the age of the stones on white stone is between 170-195 million years, which is a very long time. Long enough to cause changes in the environment, the deposition of sediment, sand, flour and clay, together with water, until it settles before it is converted to sand. Coincided with the movement of the crust, resulting in sludge, fracture, decay, erosion and erosion, both vertically and horizontally. It became a characteristic of the stone pillars and sticks as seen today!



 Map to Mo Hin Khao 

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