Phra That Ya Khu

Phra That Ya Khu

Phra That Ya Khu 



    Phra That Ya Khu or Phra That Yai is one of the archaeological sites found in the city. An ancient city where many evidence has been excavated by Phra That Yak is located at Tambon Nong Pat, Amphoe Kalasin, Kalasin. You can get there by using Highway 214 from Kalasin town. To go to Roi Et distance 19 km or from the district of Kamala. Follow the road at Kamalasai School about 6 kilometers to the intersection of Ban Sema. Turn right into the dirt road about 500 meters.


  Phra That Yai is the largest pagoda in the city. The base is a rectangular recess. Adorned with stucco There is a staircase up the 4-Dvaravati. Next up is an octagonal pagoda. The pagoda style in Ayutthaya period. The Bell and the Peak Rattanakosin period architecture The nature of the relics. The construction of three times to assume that. This relic was built in the Dvaravati period. It will ruin the time because of lack of care. Until the Ayutthaya period. The pagoda overlay the original base. It has been added to the top in the Rattanakosin period.


    Inside of this relics. Villagers believe that. The grave of the goddess of the city is respectful of the observation of the city of Chiang Soma when winning the war. Destroys everything in the city, the sky is blue. But do not destroy the Yakus because of this. The villagers organized the annual relics festival. Between April and May To ask for rain and peace to the village. If you have the opportunity to visit the district. Kalasin is the place for you to visit and worship the relics of Yakoo for peace and prosperity.

Day and time : Daily from 08.00 - 16.30.

Admission fees : Free

For more information, please call 0 4324 4498 - 9


Travel Map Phra That Ya Khu


Thanks to information from Tourism Authority of Thailand. 

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