Khon Kaen with 5 interesting attractions.

Khon Kaen with 5 interesting attractions.

Khon Kaen with 5 interesting attractions. 

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    Khon Kaen is the most visited province in northeastern Thailand. There are many interesting attractions, including temples, resting places. Or even a water park as well. This is my first post. Must not miss Guaranteed finality certainly.



Wat Nongwang 


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    Wat Nongwang Located in the city center. By the lake, the city of the city noticeable noticeable when entering.  It is a beautiful nine-story relics. Wat Nong Wat is a royal monastery. There is a large ornamental pagoda, the base of the square is about 50 meters wide. The canopy pagoda is replicated from the relics of Kham Kaen. The height of the relics 80 and 4 chapters are located in four angles, the art of Dvaravati. Combined with Indochinese art in the northeastern mouth. The worship of the people of Khon Kaen.



Bueng Kaen Nakhon 


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    Bueng Kaen Nakhon a place of recreation. Located in the municipality of Khon Kaen. A large marsh with an area of over 603 acres. In addition, it is enshrined by the founder of Khon Kaen. "Pia Pan" which is ideal for recreation and activities. The surrounding area is decorated with trees to provide a healthy garden. For people to come here to exercise. And make people happy in Khon Kaen.



Dino Water Park 


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    Water Park with the largest player in the Northeast on the area of over 40 acres. Created in the form of "Splash Adventure" from Turkey under the concept of "dinosaurs" in the Jurassic era ever. Dino Water Park is open Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm, Saturdays - Sundays and public holidays at 10am. : 00 - 20:00, some will close early Please visit the Dino Water Park website





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    TonTannMarket It is a large market in downtown Khon Kaen. It's a market that combines creative ideas. According to the marketing slogan, "The market of sugar palm market people have ideas" are selling a lot of products. Include in the artistic talent show. It will be divided into zones. Lan Tan The highlight here is to take a picture taken at check in to the market. Next Gypsy Market​ This is a teen market for the likes of the release of clothing, bags, shoes and other want to be limited. Of course, the market must have a lot of shops selling more than 1,500 stores. Come here for the money. We also have a restaurant to stay out of the market as well. Finally, with the art.  Art Museum also tell me that come here to eat in full shopping.



Dok Koon Road 


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    The end of the beautiful flowers of yellow flowers. From the entrance of Khon Kaen Airport to Kanchanaphisek Multi-purpose Center. Which is reputed to be the most beautiful flower in Khon Kaen that it is. The most beautiful flowers are in the period from March to May every year. For the beautiful photo. I recommend you do not disappoint.


Here are 5 great attractions in Khon Kaen that you must not miss.



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