Giant Swing Bangkok : Donmueang Airport

Giant Swing Bangkok


Visit one of Bangkok’s most-remembered religious structures The Giant Swing, the world’s most legendary one of its kind, which sets surrounded by Wat Suthat, Bangkok City Hall and The Brahman Temple. This 21-meter, maroon-colored swing is a Brahman religious structure built in circa 1784 from teakwood. In the old days, it was used as part of Tri Yampawai, a Brahman rite of which priests swing themselves in order to pay homage to Shiva God to celebrate his annual visit to the earth. The rite was cancelled in 1935, during the reign of King Rama VII, as there were a number of unexpected accidents while conducting the rite. The Giant Swing has received several refurbishments and reconstructions; the current Giant Swing was built in 2006 with teakwood from Phrae province.


in front of Wat Suthat, Bamrung Mueang Road, Sao Chingcha, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok

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