Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall (Bangkok) : Donmueang Airport

Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall (Bangkok)


This vintage, art-deco building turned exhibition hall narrates the history ofThailandduring the Rattanakosin Era (circa 1782 onwards) through a variety of interactive exhibitions in seven chambers. Visitors will enjoy observing theGrandPalacevia 4D multimedia spectacles as well as an animation depicting the legend of the sacred Emerald Buddha. On the fourth floor there is an observation room you will enjoy an elevated view of a historicRatchadamnoen Klang Road, where most of political movements took place, Loha Prasat, the world’s only metal castle, and the revered Golden Mount.





Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday, 5am - 8pm.
Saturday - Sunday, 4am - 8pm

Admission: 200 Baht for adults, 50 Baht for children.
Contact: 0-2621-0044, 0-2226-5047/8 
Fax: 0-2621-0043 

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