Thailand Adventure Rafting

Start Date : 18 July 2016 End Date : 16 August 2016


Thailand Adventure Rafting


Welcome to raining season with

“5 Rafting areas vs 5 Easily floating houses”


... It’s time to say goodbye stuffy summer and welcome refreshed rainy season. For the one who loves challenging activity, you shouldn’t miss rafting sport because it is able to virtually answer lifestyle of the adventures. At the same time, floating house is another option for some people who desire slow life moment as well as watching sunset at the middle of nature. When its come to floating house, Kanchanaburi is the one province that there is famous floating house. However, it’s not only Kanchanaburi but also other provinces from each part of Thailand that welcome tourists to do defy activities like mentioned above. Thus, let’s see where is it. ...


    Central of Thailand :  “Two travel styles at Kanchanaburi among raining period”



The river Kwai rafting

  The river Kwai rafting at Kanchanaburi

The origin of river Kwai came from tropical rain forest along with river Kwai-Yai and river Mae-Klong that flow to converge. The two side of the river fulfill of beautiful wildlife and unique rock. There is low steam in everyday holidays meanwhile strengthen current in usual days because of water emission from Kao-Laem reservoir. This results in funny rafting. Otherwise, river Noi is quite calm stream then it isn’t suit for rafting.   

The river Kwai rafting (Kanchanaburi)   



Srinakarin reservoir

  Srinakarin reservoir at Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is famous from recreation by floating house thus travelers have to take a chance to go rafting once. The Srinakarin embankment is the first dam for development of Mae-Klong river society. This causes the good quality of life and affects developed country. Finally, it also is the interesting attraction today.  

Srinakarin reservoir (Kanchanaburi)   



     Recommended accommodations near "Srinakarin reservoir"

    The Float House River
Kanchanaburi l 
    Start 4,604 Thb/Night


   River Kwai Jungle Rafts
    Kanchanaburi l 
    Start 3,404 Thb/Night




    Northern Thailand :     “Defeating strong stream or slow life among Kio-Lom Dam”



The river Mae-Tang rafting

  The river Mae-Tang rafting at Chiang Mai

Mae-Tang River originated from Doi-Puk-Pa-Paek at Chiang Dow district. The length of river is 135 kilometers. There is clear water in winter while the less water in summer. Moreover, there are a variety of plants and birds along both side of the river. Therefore, this place is proper for rafting.   

The river Mae-Tang rafting (Chiang Mai)  



Kio-Lom reservoir 

  Kio-Lom reservoir at Lumpang

Kio-Lom reservoir is located at Mueang district in the area of Thamphatai national park. This place is under the administration of Royal Irrigation Department. The floating houses are on the top of the barrage. Additionally, there is the decent scenery thorough the dam such as Laem-Choi-Kuean, Pha-Kreang, Pha-Ngam and Sob-Pru Lake etc.  

Kio-Lom reservoir (Lumpang)  



     Recommended accommodations near "Kio-Lom reservoir" 

    Baan Kham Wan Hotel
Lampang l 
    Start 1,102 Thb/Night


    Lampang River Lodge Hotel
    Lampang l 
    Start 1,589 Thb/Night





    Eastern Thailand :     “Stimulation of adrenaline at Korat or pure breathing at Ubon”



Sai-Yai canal at Nakhonsrithammarat

  Sai-Yai canal at Nakhonsrithammarat

Sai-Yai canal is discovered in Khao Yai national park. There is strong current called Wang-Naam in rainy season especially, the period from July to October along with combination of rock and sand. Thereof, this rafting is appropriate for people who love adventure.  


Sai-Yai canal (Nakhonsrithammarat)  



Sirindhorn reservoir

  Sirindhorn reservoir at Ubonratchathani

This place is a conservative floating house where set at Baan-Hin-Kong, Ubon Ratchathni province. Sirindhorn reservoir is surrounded by beautiful creations. Moreover, the primary activity at here is landscape entertainment for example walking in Sirindhorn park where Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand constructed to offer honorary Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn.  

Sirindhorn reservoir (Ubonratchathani)  


    Recommended accommodations near "Sirindhorn reservoir"

    Tohsang Khongjiam Resort
Ubon Ratchathani l 
    Start 1,880 Thb/Night


    Norn Nab Dao Rimkhong 
    Ubon Ratchathani l 
    Start 940 Thb/Night







    Central-Eastern Thailand :    “Two patterns, two styles in the nearby area”



Khek River at Phitsanulok

  Khek River at Phitsanulok

Khek River is the best river in Thailand today. Here suit for rafting lovers who have numerous experiences in this activity. There are several isles in this are for instance, wild heritage isle, which covered by Kri-Naam trees as well as Pak-Yang isle that spends time 3 to 4 hours from start point to finish place, depending on level of wave.   

Khek River (Phitsanulok)  



Ubonrat reservoir

  Ubonrat reservoir at Khon Kaen

Apart from embankment, it is the interesting attraction for tourists to go for a walk. Furthermore, this dam also benefits for electricity production, agriculture, fishery, flood prevention, transportation and entertainment place. Besides, there are various facilities for visitors such as Ruen-Pan-Kam restaurant, accommodations, golf clubhouse and activities.   

Ubonrat reservoir (Khon Kaen)   



    Recommended accommodations near "Ubonrat reservoir" 

    Little Box Hotel
Khon Kaen l 
    Start 681 Thb/Night


    Phusawat Resort
    Khon Kaen l 
    Start 709 Thb/Night





    Southern Thailand :    “Challenge at Nhanmoddang or Date with partner at Thai Gui-Lin”



Rafting at Nhanmoddang

  Rafting at Nhanmoddang Phatthalung

Rafting at Nhanmoddang Phatthalung 2 side of the river at Nhanmoddang is enclosed by a variety of flowers and local birds. Tourists are able to enjoy both side of Nhanmoddang all the time of rafting. In addition, they can refresh themselves with clear and cold water that makes them see beautiful things under the water, as well. 

Rafting at Nhanmoddang (Phatthalung)   



Ratchaprapha Dam at Surat Thani

  Ratchaprapha Dam (Choew-Lan) at Surat Thani

Khao sok or Ratchaprapha Dam (Choew-Lan) at Surat Thani is located at Khao Sok national park. There are many Limestone Mountains and steep cliff among Ratchaprapha reservoir. This elegance place was named Thai Gui-Lin. Moreover, travelers can enjoy with any activities for example, nice scenery, floating house and kayak.   

Ratchaprapha Dam (Surat Thani)  



    Recommended accommodations near "Ratchaprapha Dam"

    500 Rai Khao Sok Floating
Suratthani l 
    Start 9,453 Thb/Night


    Keeree Warin Chiewlarn
    Suratthani l 
    Start 4,409 Thb/Night




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