Baan Hollanda (Baan Hollanda)

            Old Dutch House is a place known as the Dutch village. Which was once a community of Dutch trade is coming from the Ayutthaya period. Originally there just remains the foundation of the original warehouse Dutch commercial station. And has unearthed additional tools such as Chinese porcelain. earthenware Dutch pipe Dutch Foreign Minister and coins

            Later, His Majesty's Queen Beatrix International (HM Queen Beatrix) and the Prince of Wales's her extraordinary blend (HRHthe Prince of Orange) is the cooperation and collaboration between Thailand and the Netherlands. Finally, have the construction of the building houses a museum exhibit in the Dutch village near the Dutch original. The attempt to seize the most traditional architectural style combined with modern architecture. Recently completed in the year 2554.


            According to records in Ayutthaya old Dutchman joined develop friendly relations during the reign of King Naresuan. It was the beginning of a relationship the two countries. Then later the Dutchman through its Dutch East India Company (also known as Video Series - Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie). Has provided military assistance in sending ships to help in a dispute with the Siam Pattani. King Prasat Thong therefore reward bestowed by the large tract of land for the establishment of a commercial station. Johns River and is located outside the city. Ease of loading up the boat. It is an area of current Dutch.

            The Dutchman has been set up to house a data center needs to study history and learn about the relationship between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Tells the history of the past when settlers trade. And ways of living of the Dutch in South Africa. The relationship with the people of Thailand. Dutch house located on an area which was once the location of a commercial station V OCA.  And communities that comprise the Dutch and the other people believe.


   Travel by car / If you come to the island to Japan or to the village run by the late 3477 before the measure PHANAN oriented to pass the entrance to the shrine outlet hood. He bit into a small entrance into the gravel. Run straight across the junction, then turn right to reach the docks. Or going straight to the end of the river will have the Dutchman if he comes to the temple PHANAN when it comes to commercial signs and turn right. Turn on the gravel road (update 2013).

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